Course Modules

Modules explore a specific topic related to The Hyperlinked Library.  When they are linked below, they are accessible. Modules will continue to be available once the week has passed.  Some modules may become available before their official start date.

Modules include the following sections:

Things to Read
The required readings explore topics you are expected to understand and incorporate into your assignments for all modules in the course.

Things to View
The assigned and required media-based presentations extend your knowledge and offer new dimensions to the topics.

Things to Explore
These materials are optional enhancements to the course content that offer more insight into the module topics.

Module 1 – Course Introduction

Module 2  – Foundational Reading

Module 3  – The Hyperlinked Library Model

Module 4  – Participatory Service & Transparency

Module 5  – Hyperlinked Communities

Module 6 – CYOA: Hyperlinked Environments & Issues

Module 7 – Planning for Participatory Services

Module 8  –  New Models

Module 9  –  New Horizons

Module 10 – The Power of Stories

Module 11 – CYOA: Infinite Learning: 1

Module 12 – CYOA: Infinite Learning: 2

Module 13 – Reflective Practice

Module 14 – Creativity & Curiosity

Module 15 – Course Reflections & Wrap Up