The Power of Stories


Stories and storytelling can have a strong impact..  Stories are powerful. They connect through universal themes, of love, death, good vs. evil, survival, and courage. They remind us of our humanity and our better natures. Hearing the stories of others can be an opportunity for breaking through prejudices and preconceptions. One example of this is the Human Library ( The human books share their stories with readers, who can ask questions if they choose to. Libraries need to embrace diversity and inclusion to empower community voices. Stories can also foster connection by bringing communities together for enjoyment such as the Seattle Public Library’s Thrilling Tales: Storytime for Grownups.

The DOK library in Delft’s mantra: “Keep stories, make stories, share stories”

Note: This is a new module that I really wanted to devote a week to and some bits of the content appear in the learning modules as well. Apologies for the overlap.

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Portions of module text originally written by Hyperlinked Library student Christine Barone. Module created by Elizabeth Olson.