Assignments are practical exercises in applying concepts and ideas related to The Hyperlinked Library.

Assignment Overview Video:

Reflection Blogging

After establishing a blog through our #hyperlib site, you will use this electronic publishing medium to share your thoughts and ideas on the Hyperlinked Library as you progress through the course. Weekly reflection blogging will allow you to explore course modules and apply your own critical take on the topics. After reading and exploring a module,  write a blog post about the experience and how  you believe the issue/topic impacts library service. What might change? What could we do differently? Where do the readings/videos/sites take you in your thinking about library or information work?

Context Book

The Context Book assignment gives you an opportunity to explore literature outside of our focus for this course but tangentially related to core concepts.  Some questions to spur your thinking: How does the book align with our course content? What can librarians glean from these works? How might the focus of some titles impact library service? Users? The way we exchange and share information? Consider your choice as a way to explore what might be coming for libraries within the framework of participatory service.

Emerging Technology Planning

After exploring our module devoted to planning, you will gain some experience planning for an emerging technology-based service. How can a new technology-based service enhance participation in the library or information center? How might human-focused, positive guidelines for social media use set a course for conversation?

Director’s Brief

The Director’s Brief gives you the opportunity to home in on a technology-enhanced service that was mentioned through the course content or lectures, or perhaps you encountered it in conversations with your peers. Situated as a report-of-sorts for a library director, you’ll be crafting a brief that informs your administrator of its origins, related terminologies, uses for LIS environments, and addresses its potential pitfalls.

Virtual Symposium

The symposium is a way to share your learning with the other members of our hyperlinked community. Imagine strolling around a beautiful space where each of you have created something the represents your takeaways or insights from #hyperlib. Focus on this question:What are you taking away from the Hyperlinked Library?