Reflection Blogging

Reflection Blogging consists of five blog posts that will serve as a reflection journal for the modules included in our course content. Your audience is your fellow information professionals.


After establishing a blog through our site, you will be using this electronic publishing medium to share your thoughts and ideas on participatory service as you progress through the course. Reflection blogging will allow you to explore course modules and apply your own critical take on the topics. After reading and exploring a module, write a blog post about the experience and how you believe the issue/topic impacts library service. What might change? What could we do differently? Where do the readings/videos/sites take you in your thinking about library or information work? Feel free to reflect on the module as a whole, a selected article that resonated, or anything that sparked your thinking about the module topic.

Your blog posts are a place to reflect and to process concepts and experiences related to the themes of the course. Think of it as a journal that is intended to help you clarify your thoughts while contributing and sharing openly on the Web. Part of the challenge in blogging is packing meaning into a few short paragraphs. You might also find you’ll write a reflection post in response to one of your classmates’ postings. You are encouraged to be creative with your blog posts and expected to utilize some form of media (e.g., photograph, infographic, video, etc.) in each post. 

Let your blogging be a reflection of your own curiosity and ideas about our course. Follow your thoughts where they go. Ponder, for example, how the ideas you are encountering might inform your practice as a librarian or information professional. It is entirely acceptable to “think aloud” via your blog. (This post by Gardener Campbell influenced the presentation of this assignment:


*Wild Card Blog Choice: revisit any past module or choose your own related topic!


Posting and Submission 

  • All postings will be published to your blog by the date specified above. Because we use feeds and readers for this class, individual post URL submissions are not required.
  • At the end of the semester, you will submit your blog URL to Canvas for grading. The Reflection Blog assignment is cumulative.


Criteria Points
Required components 5
Connections to course content 5
Comprehension and analysis 5
Progression of thought and reflection 5

See full rubric here.