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Another Choose Your Own Adventure?

Hey all – I’ve been working behind the scenes with @stevemacaris on some tweaks to modules etc for going forward. I have a thought I wanted to run by you as current members of #hyperlib. Would another “Choose Your Own Adventure” module focused on all the learning stuff be interesting? I am especially keen to do […]

Module 8 Restored!

Hey all – Thanks to @danavanzanten and @kuhnsman for sharing their PDFs created from the lost Module 8. And thanks to all of you who mentioned parts of the module that you appreciated in your blogging. @stevemacaris was able to rebuild the module for future class. Thanks Steve! And Thanks to everyone. I really think it was something […]

Module 8 Saved?

Hey all – It’s the Halloween boogeyman tricking our site. The page content for Module 8 has been deleted – probably by a human error on my part! 😬 Did any of you happen to keep a  copy of the page in some way that could help us rebuild it? I am contacting school IT […]

New Column: PLEs @ ALA

Hey all – a new column is up and I wanted to share. It’s all about my professional learning experiences research and a session I lead at ALA in New Orleans. PLEs @ ALA The group at ALA agreed that one of the hardest things about returning from a conference, staff retreat, or big meeting […]