Behold! Our OPML File!

Hello everyone!

I want to thank you all sincerely for diving in! I got the OPML file done in just a couple of hours. I am super excited to read your intro posts. All the course activity and posts can seem like a raging waterfall but utilizing a feed reader will help you!

SO – here’s how it works…. I would strongly suggest using a feed reader (like Feedly) for our course and for the future. You can easily import the class OPML into your reader and have access to all the student blogs and our main course blog in a “collection.” Then, you may want to find other blogs to follow as you grow your own professional and personal set of feeds. I read all kinds of entertainment, tech, and lifestyle blogs/sites in my feeds.

Download the OPML here!

We have a full and rich roster of folks. I used first names in the feed titles because it helps me get to know you all.  Note: I hope I didn’t make any mistakes!

I would suggest downloading it to your desktop (via whatever method of mouse clicks you use on your computing platform) and then importing the file into reader of your choice. Make sure the file extension is .opml  I suggest Feedly and use it in the steps below.

So here’s the challenge to some fearless #hyperlib student – please add the OPML to your reader and report back here in a comment!

For background, view this video:

Second, follow these steps if you are using Feedly:

  1. Set up an account with Feedly
  2. Read over this helpful page:
  3. Click on the Settings style wheel in the sidebar near the word FEEDS
  4. In the Organize Sources window locate the import OPML button
  5. Click on Import OPML and locate the file you saved above.
  6. Follow the directions on the import screen: Choose file and Import
  7. You are ready to go!

Other sites will import differently but the OPML is a standard file type.

Here’s a screenshot:

AND – you may want to read this post at the school’s Career Blog :

When I first started the iSchool MLIS program, I was kind of overwhelmed by the sheer amount of new information coming at me – and not just in my classes. I’m a career transition student, so I didn’t start with years of (or any) library experience. This meant that my learning curve was quite steep. The LIS profession has its own acronyms, people of note, corners of the internet, and values that my new-student-self wanted to take in. One step was aligning my social media diet to my new career/life plans and goals.

Another (relatively easy) step I took was setting up an RSS feed. I’d followed various blogs for years, but I had always just visited each site as part of my internet reading routine. I’d go to each my favorites, see if there was anything new, read (or save for later), and move on to the next one. I was super resistant to RSS and I have no idea why. But I set up my free Feedly account, and since then, I’ve not once regretted it, and there’s no way I’m giving it up. It saves me so, so, so much time, and these days I’ll take all the time-saving tricks I can.

Image: Snoqualmie Falls, Washington in the 70s

12 thoughts on “Behold! Our OPML File!

  1. Elizabeth El-Akkad

    Hi everybody!

    I’m still working on trying to get each of the sites to process on Feedly (It’s taking what I assume is an unusually long time to process after uploading) but I thought I would pass along that I was unable to import the OPML file through the directions provided. The option to import was not available to me on the lower left hand add content button, It just didn’t exist (I’m using Chrome if that matters to anyone). After a little bit of searching, I found that this link: will allow you to add content, and I found it on this information page:

    Have any of you successfully completed this process on Feedly yet?

    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      @elakkad12 You rock – and NOTE TO SELF: Make sure the directions are the same as last semester!

      Here’s how it works now:

      Click on the little wheel icon in the sidebar near the word FEEDS. Across the top of the Organize Source screen is a button that says IMPORT OPML. Click that and find your saved file.

      Apologies for not updating!! I will correct the post above.

      1. Julieanne R.

        Hi Professor Stephens,
        Just imported the OPML to Feedly and got it to work. Steps 3-5 were very helpful for me!
        (Like Elizabeth, the option in the lower left [after clicking on +Add Content] did not work for me, but Stephens’ directions did.)

      1. Elizabeth El-Akkad

        @michael I think that there is some sort of disconnect from when you first create an account and try to add content for the first time vs. when you have an existing account with content. The way I see to do this as a first time user is to click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, go to the drop-down menu and click organize sources. The other method forces you to create a feed name, and at that point, I was still unable to find the import option.

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