Behold! Our OPML File!

Hello everyone!

I just finished the OPML for all the blog URLs. I am excited to add it to my Feedly and dive into your blogs this term.



All the course activity and posts can seem like a raging waterfall but utilizing a feed reader will help you!

SO – here’s how it works…. I would strongly suggest using a feed reader (like Feedly) for our course and for the future. You can easily import the class OPML into your reader and have access to all the student blogs and our main course blog in a “collection.” Then, you may want to find other blogs to follow as you grow your own professional and personal set of feeds. I read all kinds of entertainment, tech, and lifestyle blogs/sites in my feeds. Using feeds is a very useful skill for future information professionals.

Download the OPML here!

We have a full and rich roster of folks. We used first names in the feed titles because it helps me get to know you all.  Note: I hope we didn’t make any mistakes!!

I would suggest downloading it to your desktop (via whatever method of mouse clicks you use on your computing platform) and then importing the file into reader of your choice. Make sure the file extension is .opml  I suggest Feedly and use it in the steps below.

So here’s the challenge to some fearless #hyperlib student – please add the OPML to your reader and report back here in a comment!

For some background, view this video:

Second, follow these steps if you are using Feedly:

  1. Set up an account with Feedly
  2. Read over this helpful page:
  3. Click on your user profile pic and select Organize Sources
  4. In the Organize Sources window locate the import OPML button
  5. Click on Import OPML and locate the file you saved above or drag and drop the file if your browser supports that functionality.
  6. Follow the directions on the import screen: Choose file and Import
  7. You are ready to go!

Other sites will import differently but the OPML is a standard file type.

Image: Snoqualmie Falls, Washington in the 70s

19 thoughts on “Behold! Our OPML File!

  1. Ashley West

    Mission accomplished…I think!

    Just to be clear is this just another website that aggregates specific site information? So if I want to know who is posting what I go to Feedly and not this site? I guess I’m wondering what the benefits of Feedly are compared to just looking at the “Recent Comments” and “Recent Posts” sidebar on this site. I’m gathering that I can add other networks, interests in Feedly and not here but is there something else I’m missing?

    Thanks for the insight! 🙂

    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      @ayeouest good question. The feed reader will serve as an awareness tool. If you choose to use it, you can easily see who has post and what their blog titles might be. If you click on one of those blog posts that is coming to the feeder, it will take you to the site and that’s where you can interact by leaving a comment, etc. the things I want students to take away from this class is experience with using awareness, tools, or monitoring feeds for their future professional learning experiences. You can also go to the sitewide activity to see every thing happening on our section site. Recent comments and recent post on the sidebar of this site are just for comments on my blog post Also good morning from the Traverse City airport.

  2. Caroline

    OPML added to Feedly! I’ve only sort of dabbled with RSS feeds, but haven’t developed a habit for them (yet!) – thank you for the introduction. My tendency would be to just stick with checking in here on the ‘Site-Wide Activity’ tab, as loads of updates can spark feelings of overwhelm. Let’s see how this goes! (and @michael, please enjoy your vacation!!)

  3. Alana Otis

    I’ve had success adding the OPML to Feedly and have been having fun exploring the feed. In some of my previous courses it’s been overwhelming to stay on top of things like Canvas discussion boards, so I’m enjoying having a different way to communicate and track content.

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