Hard to Go….

Hey all – my eyes are bit bleary, and dinner and some binging on HBO beckons, but I must tell you it’s hard to leave all the wonderful work you have done! I have so enjoyed this class – thank you one and all. I wish you all the very best wherever your hyperlinked journey takes […]

Important: Final Notes

Hey all – just want to share some important reminders as we reach our last two days of class. I made you a video: (I ❤️ my Apple AirPods but it feels weird to have those things sticking out of my ears. The built in mic worked well though.) Take your blog with you by […]

Talk About Compassion

Hey all – I am working on all of your excellent reflections this week (as I also grade INFO 200 research papers) and  want to let you know I appreciate the response to the “compassion” piece. I have been thinking a lot these past few weeks about humanism, empathy and kindness, and compassion for all. […]

Participation & Engagement Activity

Hey all – it feels so formal to do this when this class has been so engaged and social over the past 15 weeks but for the sake of grading, please submit your activity URL for the site to Canvas after you write your final reflection. You will find an assignment called Participation in Canvas. […]

A Future Librarian’s Promise

Note from Michael – Carlie was a WISE student taking the Hyperlinked Library awhile ago. Carlie wrote this post as part of her course blogging and we shared it at my blog. She just reminded me about it and I thought I would share with you all as we wind down. I’ve been reflecting on what kind of […]