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Housekeeping: Director’s Brief

Hey all – I had a couple of questions about the Director’s Brief assignment. In the text of the brief, you’ll be sharing the results of your literature search. It becomes part of your narrative. These citations will be included in a references or bibliography section.   The brief should go up as a PDF attached […]

Blogging Kudos!

Hey all – Just wanted to reiterate that your blogging is EXCELLENT! Such great writing, interesting examples and thoughtful reflection on the material — especially the mobile module. Kudos to all! The featured image is by a former student of our lovely campus in San Jose. She shared with me to share with my future #hyperlib […]


Hey all – I finished reviewing everyone’s plans today. The planning assignments are graded and in Canvas. Thanks for your hard work! For the Director’s brief, please read over the assignment page and consult this post if you are interested in the international option. Featured image that is appropriate for thinking about the future: I […]

Share Your Planning Assignment Here

Please share the URL for your assignment here for those students who would like to browse throughout them beyond our activity feed and feed readers. Perhaps include your action brief statement as a means to share your focus? Thanks for your hard work! Grades will be in Canvas toward the end of next week. Be […]

Assignment Q & A Chat Recording

Greetings all! Thanks to everyone who came to the session. We went over all the major assignments and had some GREAT questions. Find it at the link below, dated October 1: List of recordings for your room: