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New Column: Chaos & Caring

Hey all – I also wanted to share my new column in the March 15 issue of Library Journal. It’s called “Chaos & Caring.” It has everything: mention of my dogs, a Fleetwood Mac reference, and SOUP. More importantly, it touches on libraries as safe places for all, how we can take care of each […]

To the Rainbow’s Edge

Hey all – happy weekend! I’ll be around if anyone has any questions Saturday or Sunday. Currently, I’m reading your blogs and grading INFO 200 assignments while listening to some favorite songs. Friday March 31st, Fleetwood Mac releases a deluxe version of Tango in the Night. Here’s an early release track as a song dedication […]

Context Book Reports Rock!

Hey all – I just finished grading the books reports published and submitted to Canvas. You will find your grade in Canvas. NOTE: Submitting your URLs in Canvas allowed me to open the rubric and your work in the same window. Reminder – this is our procedure for the rest of the major assignments. Your work was outstanding. […]


Hey all – @selatham mentioned this in the Hyperlinked Newsroom, and I asked if we could share an image of this unique example of the “Library of Things.” This isn’t related to a specific article, but it relates to some excitement we experienced last week in the Midwest. Everyone, was anticipating some stellar (pun intended) […]