Welcome to Module 11: Infinite Learning

In this module, we will explore how learning is changing and the ways new literacies are impacting how information is shared.

Note: I am adding an option for “Download video podcast” version for the lectures. If anyone tried it on their device pf choice, let me know how it goes.

Action Items:

  • Be sure to check your blog for pending comments. Dashboard –> Comments. You may see some that need approval.
  • We’re on the downside of our journey now – modules to explore, briefs to write, and a symposium entry to ponder. Please soak in the ideas and consider your own practice as an information professional as we move through the next few weeks.

Upcoming #hyperlib Chats(For those who can’t attend, these chats will be recorded.)

  • TBA – We will have a class social hour toward the end of the semester – more details soon.

Reflection Blogging:

Upcoming Assignment Due Dates:

Participation Blogging: (Part of participation grade)

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