Assignment X

Assignment X is an examination of a topic from the first four modules and a reflection on that topic’s connection to LIS. Your audience is your fellow information professionals.


This assignment offers a deeper dive into one of the foundational aspects of our course. Students can select any aspect (concept, idea, or resource) covered in the first four modules of our course and write/create a blog post that expands their knowledge of the selected aspect. Then write a short reflection on how the aspect might inform your future practice as an information professional. This assignment could include topics such as transparency, equitable access, eliminating fines, participatory libraries, libraries for people (not books), radical trust, participatory service, library as space, and more.


  • Chosen foundational aspect is from the first four modules.
  • Assignment should include a citation to course content and a bit of further research into the topic.
  • Your Assignment X should be between 500-700 words or similar for media creation. Use a consistent citation style as well.

Inspirational Examples

Please review examples to see how previous students have creatively approached Assignment X at the Assignment Inspiration Page.

Posting and Submission

  • Share your Assignment X via a post on your blog. Be as creative as you’d like with the post.
  • As a final step, submit your post URL to our Canvas site.


Criteria Points
Required components 5
Connections to course content 5
Comprehension and analysis 5
Progression of thought and reflection 5

See full rubric here.