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Fall at the Lake

Hey all – I am grading Book reviews now – excellent work so far! I am also thinking about everything going on – if you need some extra days for this: Reflection on Participatory Service & Transparency OR Hyperlinked Communities: 9/20 Please take them!! Let’s give ourselves some breathing room this semester. I am already knocked out by […]

Lillian Smith Event

For those at the Michael Casey chat and those who may watch recording, he sent this today: Enjoy a private screening of “Lillian Smith: Breaking the Silence”. Lillian Smith was one of the first white southern authors to speak out against white supremacy and segregation. Available 9/20-9/27 A child of the South, she was seen […]

Blogging Off to an Excellent Start!

  Hello! I just read all the blog posts in my Feedly! Thanks for all of your insights and candor in your reflections! I commented on all. If you did not get a comment from me, please comment below. Looking forward to more of your writing! 💜☮️👏📚   Image: Morning walk at Maplehurst, September 2020