Meeting Snafu! Postpone?

Hey all – I double booked my INFO 200 meeting at the same time as our 1pm PT meeting today. It was supposed to be Noon for 200. I have two full sections of 200 and I feel I really need to meet with them. Question: Can we reschedule for next Sunday? Sincere apologies for […]

#hyperlib Job Description?

Take a look at this  job listing a colleague sent me a couple of years ago. Very interesting mix of duties and requirements. You’ll see some things here that you are doing in this class! 🙂 Bolding is mine. Announcement: The University of Texas at Arlington Library invites applications from highly motivated, innovative, forward thinking professionals […]

Next Blog Post – Extra days!

Hey all – I am grading Book reviews now – excellent work so far! I am also thinking about everything going on – if you need some extra days for this: Reflection on Participatory Service & Transparency OR Hyperlinked Communities: 2/28 Please take them!! Let’s give ourselves some breathing room this semester. I am already knocked out by […]

Share Your Context Book URL Here!

Please share your report URL in a comment on this post and a “twitter-like” short sentence about your major takeaway. This makes it very easy for your colleagues to discover your work and make comments. I lam almost done grading them. Your work is excellent! NOTE: Be sure to submit your URL to Canvas too […]