Just Breathe

Hey all – Last fall, I got an Apple Watch to replace my ailing Fitbit. It has become an amazing tool for health tracking etc. I wanted to tell you this because the watch does a cool thing: it reminds me to breathe. For one minute. Throughout the day. I thought that might be a good […]

Learning Modules Blog Post

Hey all – feel free to take extra time on the learning modules blogging too if you haven’t published yet! I am HOME! I dodged a winter storm here (a very early one). I had a great day at Cedar Rapids Public Library and will be recording a special video for you about some of […]

Next week: Breathing Room Week

Hey all – I never made it out of Traverse City yesterday. Two planes, two mechanical issues…6+ hours! Heading out today and back Saturday. Looking at your comments and reflecting, I’ve decided next week is “Breathing Room” week. We will start back with  Reflective Practice on 11/18. I will accept the Director’s Brief anytime from […]