Please Share Your Thoughts: SOTES

Greetings all. I would appreciate your feedback and participation in Student Opinion of Teaching Effectiveness (SOTEs). It is helpful to me and to our school. You have probably been notified directly by University administration to participate. Thank you! Image: Cairn in Elk Rapids, Michigan

Excellent Blogging!

Hey all – I just finished reading all of your posts submitted for grading – THANK YOU for the thoughtful and interesting content! I appreciate your hard work during such a chaotic time. Image: My office mate and his hedgehogs.  

Class Social Hour Thoughts?

Hello all – I want to schedule one more informal social time at the end of the semester. What works best for you all? I want to get a sense of who could or would like to attend. I am thinking Saturday the 15th or Sunday the 16th at Noon PT? How would that work? […]

Welcome to “Keep Calm & Reflect” Week

Greetings all! We interrupt our regularly scheduled program for a special “Keep Calm & Reflect” Week. Use the time to work on your Director’s Brief or whatever you’d like. Action Items: Breathe. Meditate. Take a walk if possible. Did you submit your blog URL for grading? Contact me: I am available for questions – site […]

Next week: “Keep Calm & Reflect” Week

Hey all – I’ve decided next week is “Keep Calm & Reflect” week. Work on your Briefs and your Symposium entry and take time for yourselves to reflect on our class themes and our strange new landscape. There is still so much happening. Personal note: I will be out on Monday afternoon for a routine […]