Welcome to Module 10: The Power of Stories

Greetings all! This week we turn our attention to STORIES! 

Stories and storytelling can have a strong impact.  Stories are powerful. This is a new module for our course. Please explore! Inspired by this week’s module? There is a Power of Stories option for the Director’s Brief.

Action Items:

  • Be sure to check your blog for pending comments. Dashboard –> Comments. You may see some that need approval.
  • For our last few weeks together, let’s turn a bit of attention to Self-care and Mindfulness. Share your self-care tips and more here. 
  • Thanks to all who participated in the mid-term check-in. Nice to chat with you about your progress and the class! If you didn’t contact me, there’s still time!

Upcoming #hyperlib Chats:  (There are no mandatory sessions but students are encouraged to attend if schedules allow. It will be a way for us to check-in and keep in touch. Sessions will be recorded and available.)

Remaining Assignments & Suggested Action Items for our Fluidity

Reflection Blogging Due Dates:

➡️➡️ Work on these as your time permits. Enjoy the CYOA Learning stuff – it’s some of my favorites. Publish the two posts by the end of April or so. After that, submit your main blog URL to Canvas for grading. 

Participation Blogging: (Part of participation grade)

➡️➡️ Feel free to combine the final reflection into your symposium entry. Just let me know that you are doing that. 

Major Assignment Due Dates: 

➡️➡️ Turn the Brief in any time up until the end of class. The symposium can go up anytime on 11/29 or beyond! Note: all assignments must be in by the last day of class.


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