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This just in from a former #hyperlib student via email:

I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I’ve been thinking about you and our class! I was doing my MLIS homework one day and came across a free California State Parks pass that was able to be checked out from the Alameda County Library! I was amazed that we had this opportunity through our local library and didn’t know about it before.
I am a part of a Bay Area Hiking group on Facebook because I love nature, and I decided to share the information there, just in case others didn’t know about it like me. And BOOM it has become “viral!”
Everyday I get notifications of people “liking,” “commenting,” and “re-sharing” it! Even another Library re-shared it! (Image below). It’s at 2.7K likes and 400+ reshares!
I just thought I’d share it with you because it is totally the Hyperlinked library in action 🙂 and how we are all hyperlinks.

3 thoughts on “Parks Pass & Hyperlinks

  1. Priscilla

    I work at the Pacific Grove Public Library and yes! These passes are AMAZING and good for day use only! There are some limitations, but at my library, we include the list of places that the passes are good for and it is majority of the parks. There’s also a program for 4th graders as well. It’s the California Adventure’s pass. I’m glad the news about the CA Park passes is getting out there! When it came out last year, we had waitlists for over 100 people!

    1. Nalatie

      This is so cool to see it going viral! My library has these too. People love them and are so excited to get to check them out. When they were announced in the press (including on NPR) we immediately started getting calls about them before we had even had an opportunity to get them cataloged. Here is the link to the Parks Pass Tool Kit from the CA state library (in case anyone is interested):

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