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INFO 287 – The Hyperlinked Library

Assignment Inspiration Page

These are examples from previous students in the Hyperlinked Library course. Take a look for inspiration but also exercise your own creative approach!

Context Book Report

Blink and the Library (Tobler-Gaston, J., 2020)

Embracing Everyday Chaos (Williams, A., 2022)

Envisioning the Radical Embedded Librarian (Dyer, A., 2020)

Social Infrastructure and Library 2.0 (Wolverton Ito, K., 2020)

Technology Will Not Solve All of Our Problems, but Social Infrastructure Might (Pasturel, C., 2020)


Innovation Strategy & Roadmap

Public Library STEM Learning Labs and STEM learning kits (Beltran, R., n.d.)

Spaces for Young Adults, Created by Young Adults (Crabtree, W., 2022)

History Harvest: BIPOC Farmwork (Cardenas, K., n,d.)

Brunch in the Library (Snyder, K., 2022)

Inspiration Report

Please view the examples below but note that some are from a previous semester when this assignment was called the Director’s Brief.

Tiktok for teen outreach (Won, A., 2021)

Operation Pivot (McPherson, J., 2021)

Hygge and Academic Libraries (Mizushima, H., 2021)

You Can Build a Computer! (Albrecht, L., 2022)

“Somos Hayward: We Are Hayward” (Briana S., 2022)

Burnout & Emotional Wellness for Library Workers (Puddington, B., 2022)


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