Welcome to Module 9: New Horizons

Greetings all! Now, we turn our attention to some of the newest and inspiring things on the horizon. The module is here.  

Please spend time investigating all the links in “Things to Explore.” Note the Horizon Report and Horizon Report for Academic Libraries. Other links will demonstrate some new and exciting models of library service.

Action Items:

  • Reminder – we are FLUID with due dates!
  • Be sure to check your blog for pending comments. Dashboard –> Comments. You may see some that need approval.
  • Please email me directly at mstephens7@mac.com. Do not use Canvas.

Upcoming #hyperlib Chats:  (There are no mandatory sessions but students are encouraged to attend if schedules allow. It will be a way for us to check in and keep in touch. Sessions will be recorded and available.)

Blogging Assignments:

Major Assignment Due Dates:

Be sure to explore each assignment page and let me know if you have questions.

Image: Fall Day at Maplehurst

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