Submit Your Blog URL for Reflection Blogging Assignment

Hey all – the last reflective blog post was due Sunday but moving at your own pace is fine:

Feel free to take more time as needed. After you post that one, please submit your blog URL to Canvas for assignment “Reflection Blogging.”

Submit your top level URL for your blog. It might look like something like this:  (That’s @hosler92!) 🙂

Reminder: the final reflection post (we reflect A LOT!) can be rolled in to the Symposium or posted by the end of class.

Reflection Blogging Due Dates:

Participation Blogging: (Part of participation grade)

  • Introduce Yourself Post: 1/31
  • Reflection on Reflective Practice & the Hyperlinked Library course: Due by May 17

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5 thoughts on “Submit Your Blog URL for Reflection Blogging Assignment

  1. Nicole McCleaf

    @michael I think I need clarification. So the blog post due 4/25 is worth more points (20) than a typical blog post like the one due last week (5), correct? I guess I’m wondering why some are submitted via Canvas and some aren’t. I want to make sure I’ve submitted all of my assignments properly.

    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      @nicmcc This is the only time you submit your blog URL for grading. Total points for all 5 posts is 20.

      “All postings will be published to your blog by the date specified. Because we use feeds and readers for this class, individual post URL submissions are not required. At the end of the semester, you will submit your blog URL to Canvas for grading. The Reflection Blog assignment is cumulative.”

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