Participation & Seminar Engagement


One of the many roles of Information Specialists is to engage with and connect with information seekers. Through authentic engagement with others, we can understand and better assess and meet their information needs. This not only makes us better professionals; it can make our professional experience more rewarding. It also creates opportunities for the lifelong learning that is vital to our profession. As technology evolves, personal connections are more and more often being formed virtually. Through authentic sharing, listening and response in this class, students have an opportunity to practice those virtual connections skills that will contribute to their success as Information Specialists.


Students will interact weekly via the course learning community, various social tools as directed, and via optional online meetings. Students will be actively reading and commenting on others’ blog posts.


Posting and Submission

You will demonstrate consistent, active participation and engagement through your blog, commenting on your classmates’ blogs, and use of the course site. Please submit your activity URL to Canvas after you complete your final reflection.



Rubric for Participation and Seminar Engagement

Criteria Points
Contributes well, consistently, and conscientiously in general, with leading contributions in areas of individual interest or expertise. Provides original thoughts and inspirations relative to topics of individual interest or expertise via comments on others’ blogs and other mechanisms.
5 pts
Responds appropriately to the flow of discussions in ways that demonstrate good timing, lively consideration and quality of thought.
3 pts
Successfully creates introductory blog post and final reflection to share with course community.
 2 pts
Total Points: 10