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Addendum: #hyperlib Engagement

Hey all – I just updated the grade book with 10 points for all for Participation. This group has been amazing. I reviewed everyone’s activity and realized it was cohesive and encouraging atmosphere from the get go.  EXCELLENT participation – consistent, engaged and thoughtful – throughout the course. All were present and made valuable contributions. THANK […]

Shout Out to #hyperlib

Greetings from Winters Trail in Kewadin, Michigan! I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your hard work this semester. We covered a lot of ground and explored all sorts of emerging ideas and technologies. You all handled it well and I hope you enjoyed this journey of learning and discovery. […]

New Column about Library Planet

Hey all – my new column is up at Library Journal: The World Spins Lauersen and Eiriksson agreed, writing, “If we all went about creating libraries in our own silos, we would miss many great opportunities.” Of course, we need global library collaboration on the formal level to ensure we have solid platforms to discuss […]

Keeping In Touch – Networking? Etc.

Hey all – Just got a question regarding how students in this course might stay connected after we wind up the semester. Please share a link to your Twitter handle, blog, social networking site, etc if you are interested. Best to all! ❤️   Image: Tiffany Lamp, Australian National Gallery of Art.

A Future Librarian’s Promise

Note from Michael – Carlie was a WISE student taking the Hyperlinked Library awhile ago. Carlie wrote this post as part of her course blogging and we shared it at my blog. She just reminded me about it and I thought I would share with you all as we wind down. I’ve been reflecting on what kind of […]

Stacie Ledden Recording

Greetings all! We had an incredible chat with Stacie Ledden, including some excellent questions about the Anythink model. If anyone has any questions after listening, Stacie said she was glad to share her email: sledden @

Class Social Hour Thoughts?

Hello all – I want to schedule one more informal social time at the end of the semester. What works best for you all? I want to get a sense of who could or would like to attend. I am thinking Saturday the 11th or Sunday the 12th in the afternoon PT? How would that […]