We are an Animal Crowd!

Hey all – I am working on the OPML and commenting on your intro posts. I am amazed ant how many of you have dogs and cats! I am loving all the pics you are sharing etc…

I will attach some pics of Billy and Samm here. They are from 3rd Coast Labrador rescue here in Michigan. We adopted them in mid June.

12 thoughts on “We are an Animal Crowd!

  1. Nalatie

    @michael Thanks for sharing the sweet photos of Billy and Samm! I really enjoyed seeing their back-story with the rescue group. They are such lucky boys to get to go hiking and swimming so much. I always love when they make an appearance in your videos!

  2. Priscilla

    Puppiesss….!!! I don’t have any of my own, but I dog sit a lot of different friends. There’s one set of friends whose dogs I love the most and between the two dogs, one is my favorite of them all and she sure knows it! Thanks for sharing photos of your dogs, @michael!

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