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Hey all – take a look at this job from The Bubbler from a couple of years ago. Throughout the term I will be sharing what I call “hyperlinked job descriptions” for interest.

This is highly responsible, advanced-level programmatic support work to support The Bubbler at Madison Public Library.  The Bubbler is a maker-focused program for all ages that stretches across the Madison Public Library system including nine libraries and various outreach locations. Through activities, demonstrations, and make-and-take workshops featuring area experts in art, design, and technology, these programs provide patrons with a way to acquire new skills and habits of mind through hands-on, peer-supported learning. Bubbler programming is designed to foster a culture of creativity; to increase access, expanding free cultural programming, connectivity, and tools of production; and to cultivate opportunities for community collaborations. Unlike many makerspaces in libraries housed exclusively in a space within a single location, The Bubbler is unique in its system-wide approach to learning through making.

The Bubbler Assistant serves as an ambassador to The Bubbler and Media Lab programs at the Central Library and throughout the library system, as well as with community partners.  The Bubbler Assistant will be responsible for program implementation, recordkeeping, and organizational tasks related to the Bubbler program at all locations under the supervision of the Bubbler Manager.

Plan and organize Bubbler events
  • Coordinate work of library staff in multiple locations and departments to ensure successful Bubbler programming.
  • Coordinate logistics and partnerships with artists and makers for programming on behalf of the library, including scheduling, contracts, space planning and communications.
  • Assist with event implementation.
  • Oversee event implementation in absence of Bubbler Manager.
  • Prepare, organize, and arrange library spaces for events.
  • Write, edit, and design publicity for events including flyers, email, web site, and social media.
Serve as a Bubbler ambassador inside all libraries and for library community engagement efforts.
  • Staff The Bubbler and the Media Lab at the Central Library.
  • Give tours of the Bubbler spaces.
  • Give presentations about the Bubbler to community and staff.
  • Train staff and partners to effectively represent the library and The Bubbler.
Oversee and perform program management clerical duties. 
  • Coordinate and track performer contracts.
  • Organize and track program budgets and expenses.
  • Keep detailed program attendance statistics.
  • Create and maintain calendar records for events.
  • Organize and maintain records, budgets, and statistics for grant-funded Bubbler projects.
Assist with coordination of work of library staff, volunteers and interns who work with Bubbler programming in all library locations and in the greater community.
  • Direct work of library staff planning and implementing programs.
  • Organize, train and oversee the work of interns and volunteers.
 Communicate about The Bubbler to a wide variety of audiences
  • Write and edit grant applications, reports, and evaluations.
  • Share stories about The Bubbler and Bubbler events across multiple platforms – web, print, social media, etc.
  • Copywriting and editing communications of others related to The Bubbler.
  • Graphic design of flyers, web content, and social media, etc.
  • Perform related work as required.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Working knowledge of English composition, correct punctuation, spelling, grammatical usage and acceptable business letter and report formats. Working knowledge of and ability to use computer software applicable to the duties of the position. Knowledge of maker and arts based programming, principles, methods, techniques, technology and terminology. Ability to utilize current technology and software applicable to the position, and to instruct others in its use.  Ability to utilize project management skills and work at a high level of attention to detail.  Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with a wide variety of individuals and program partners. Ability to provide exceptional customer service, including exhibiting respect and sensitivity to a diverse clientele.  Ability to develop operating systems and procedures and to learn technical and administrative program requirements and procedures.  Ability to monitor and budget resources.  Ability to carry out administrative details efficiently and independently and meet deadlines.  Ability to prepare basic financial, statistical and programmatic reports.  Ability to lead interns and volunteers.  Ability to understand, carry out, and give written and verbal instructions.  Ability to maintain a positive, flexible, and innovative approach to library programs and services.  Ability to maintain adequate attendance.

Not a degreed MLIS position but an Assistant level job that is super interesting. I wonder if an LIS student would be a good fit…


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