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Sites for Free Images

Hey all – Please share your favorite sites for grabbing Creative Commons or free-use images for your blogs and Briefs. I just came across this: I also use Flickr a  lot for my slide decks. Please share your faves as a comment below. Image: East Grand Traverse Bay


Hey all – I just finished grading all the plans submitted to Canvas. Thanks for your hard work! You will find grades and comments in Canvas. If you have not turned yours in please do so as soon as you can. Fluid dates FTW! Reminder: everything must be in by the last day of class. […]

Important: Fluid Dates & Exploring the Modules

socially distant bonfire

Greetings all – During break I was considering everything happening: ongoing pandemic, vaccination schedules, unrest across the US for various reasons (and beyond), etc. The comments here spurred my thinking. Here in Michigan, we are now the state with the fastest growing infection rate.  Here is my thought: Do not fret about the due dates […]

Planning Extension

Buddy on the Trail

Hey all – I am thinking an extension on the planning assignment might be a good thing. I have been caught up in my two INFO 200 sections a bit longer than I thought this week. I want to enjoy catching up on your blogging this next few days.  Perhaps some more time will give […]

Next Blog Post – Extra days!

Hey all – I am grading Book reviews now – excellent work so far! I am also thinking about everything going on – if you need some extra days for this: Reflection on Participatory Service & Transparency OR Hyperlinked Communities: 2/28 Please take them!! Let’s give ourselves some breathing room this semester. I am already knocked out by […]

Share Your Context Book URL Here!

Please share your report URL in a comment on this post and a “twitter-like” short sentence about your major takeaway. This makes it very easy for your colleagues to discover your work and make comments. I lam almost done grading them. Your work is excellent! NOTE: Be sure to submit your URL to Canvas too […]

Context Book Thought

Hey all – As you work on your book report, remember to take a look at the assignment page. The assignment is meant to get you thinking beyond library literature to socio-technological writing of all kinds. The diversity of voices and viewpoints in all the books is always interesting!