Ask Michael Casey a Question (Updated URL and Question Post)

Rescheduled October 9th – Michael Casey, author of one of our foundational texts and Director of Customer Experience for the Gwinnett County Public Library in metropolitan Atlanta, will join us at 4pm PT. We’ll talk a bit about his libraries and answer any questions you have, etc


If you cannot make the #hyperlib chat, please post your question below. The session will be recorded.

4 thoughts on “Ask Michael Casey a Question (Updated URL and Question Post)

  1. Michelle Sutor

    I’m hoping to make the #hyperlib chat, but in case I don’t…
    Is there any demographic information yet on the users of open+? What are the most common groups of users of the service? Homeless, students, retirees?

  2. Cristin Marie

    I have a staff training the same time as the Casey talk (darn!)…My question was similar to Michelle’s, in that I would like to hear more about open+, how it may have changed since it was first introduced, did they need to modify anything or make changes over time?

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