I ❤️ This

https://www.instagram.com/p/Cj_y2QUo4M2/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link “Inclusion leads to a change in communication and attitude towards our patrons. If we emphasize inclusion, everyone that walks into the library receives the same high-level of care and a positive attitude from library employees. No matter if it’s a patron’s worst day or their best day, they can come to the library and […]

Maus & Book Banning

Hey all – This is from spring 2022 but this Twitter thread is absolutely compelling to me. Please take a look if you can. I think you all may encounter waves of book banning in your careers and it’s good to understand where this comes from.The Hyperlinked Library is all about participation and connections around […]

SJCPL Response to Book Challenges

For background, please see: https://www.wndu.com/2023/08/29/discussion-sexually-explicit-books-st-joseph-county-public-library/ I worked for 15 years at SJCPL. This issue felt close to home for me. This is the statement read by Dawn Mathews, Director of Branch Services at SJCPL at the meeting. I think it is powerful. The first amendment to the Constitution protects our freedom to read, to listen, […]

We are an Animal Crowd!

Hey all – I just finished commenting on all your intro posts. I loved reading your stories.  I am amazed ant how many of you have dogs and cats! Thanks for all the pics you are sharing etc… I will attach some pics of brothers Billy and Samm here. They are from 3rd Coast Labrador […]