Bit by the Coloring Bug

Hey all -I think we’ve mentioned adult coloring a few times. I just spent some break time with my Game of Thrones coloring book. What fun! I saw this in the ALA Think Tank Facebook page, a great example for coloring for library patrons. Also: Just as a clearinghouse of sorts, if anyone has encountered […]

Libraries Are For Everyone

Hi all – Just wanted to share this with you: Libraries Are For Everyone One of the bestest-best things that has happened as a result of having this blog is that I get to connect with librarians from all over the world. It’s just flat-out awesome. And sometimes those connections lead to a collaboration like what just recently […]

Director’s Brief Extensions

Hey all – if you are swamped with other classes or life, please email me. I am happy to offer a couple of extra days for the Brief.  That said, they can also be posted anytime if you are done early. It’s a quirky year because of how Thanksgiving falls. I hate to have you […]

Welcome to Break!

Hey all – With the university closed, I thought I would go ahead and do this post now – welcoming you to our Thanksgiving Break. I will be around all holiday week if you have questions about your Brief. I will be on Zoom often if you want to check in. Please take care of […]

Just Breathe

Hey all – I got an early Christmas present! An Apple Watch to replace my ailing Fitbit. I am learning about it slowly. I wanted to tell you this because the watch does a cool thing: it reminds me to breathe. For one minute. Throughout the day. I thought that might be a good reminder […]