Welcome to Module 8: New Models

Greetings! Now we turn our attention to new models of service, new ways of doing things. This module includes materials from Stacie Ledden and Anythink Libraries.

Action Items: 

  • Thanks for all of your blogging! Please continue to explore, think & create!
  • Deliverable coming soon:  Planning due 10/18 or beyond if needed – don’t forget to submit the post URL to Canvas!
  • Please finish work on planning assignment this week and be thinking about the Director’s Brief. This is a good time to map out your work for the rest of our  semester.
  • Be sure to review the planning assignment guidelines and rubric.
  • Take advantage of the blogging mid term check in.

Upcoming #hyperlib Chats:  (There are no mandatory sessions but students are encouraged to attend if schedules allow. It will be a way for us to check in and keep in touch. Sessions will be recorded and available.)

October 19: Stacie Ledden joins us at 4pm PT. Stacie is Director of Strategic Partnerships at Anythink Libraries. Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://sjsu.zoom.us/j/94186422911?pwd=d05HVWViand3dGFraTRQdW5OaXdVUT09 Password: 222119

Blogging Assignments:

Major Assignment Due Dates:

Be sure to explore each assignment page and let me know if you have questions.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Module 8: New Models

  1. Skye Appleby

    @michael I loved what you said in the lecture about library work sharing aspects with social work. Personally, the reason I want to get into librarianship is because of people and the desire to have a career where I could help people. It seems clear to me that in order for someone to improve their literacy skills or research a subject, they first need to have their basic needs met. Of course we do need to realize how much to take on in that world but if libraries truly are the living room of the community (as I think they should be) then part of that is dealing with some of those other community needs as well. The Community Closet project reminds me of the Free Store in San Francisco in the 1960s. Really cool idea. Thanks!

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