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Greetings all! Last weekend we had a visit here in Michigan from Geert van den Boogaard. He worked for many years at the DOK Library in Delft, Holland and travels around the US and Australia with the Shanachies. He is now at TU Delft. I told him I would highlight his projects with my class. […]

Maus & Book Banning

Hey all – This is from last spring but this Twitter thread is absolutely compelling to me. Please take a look if you can. I think you all may encounter waves of book banning in your careers and it’s good to understand where this comes from.The Hyperlinked Library is all about participation and connections around […]


Hey all – I just read everyone’s intro posts – THANK YOU for all of the sharing, creativity, pet pics and more! I learned so much about you. I commented on all. Looking forward to more of your writing! Image: On a rather notable highway in North Bend, Washington …in the 90s! ☕️🦉

We are an Animal Crowd!

Hey all – I am working on the OPML and commenting on your intro posts. I am amazed ant how many of you have dogs and cats (and toads and doves!). I am loving all the pics you are sharing etc… I will attach some pics of Billy and Samm here. They are from 3rd […]

Michael Casey Chat Scheduled

Hey all – just confirmed with Michael: September 14: Michael Casey, author of one of our foundational texts and Director of Customer Experience for the Gwinnett County Public Library in metropolitan Atlanta, will join us at 4pm PT. We’ll talk a bit about his libraries and answer any questions you have, etc. Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://sjsu.zoom.us/j/89795924140?pwd=eHM4THJCbVUwa29KY0ZHOWkrWFYvdz09 Password: 180239

Course Intro Video Corrected!

Action Items (over the next few days): View the Course Intro Video Web Version | Download Video Podcast View the Assignment Overview Video | Download Slides | Download Video Podcast View the Course Site Tour screencast (For Academic Year 2022-2023)   Image: View from Pyramid Point at Sleeping Bear Dunes

Share Your Intro Post Here!

Hey all – the OPML won’t be ready for a couple more days, so for now – please share the URL to your introductory post here. I want to make sure everyone gets to see each other’s posts. I am thrilled to see everyone’s work streaming in. If you have questions, don’t be shy!