Another Choose Your Own Adventure?

Hey all – I’ve been working behind the scenes with @stevemacaris on some tweaks to modules etc for going forward. I have a thought I wanted to run by you as current members of #hyperlib. Would another “Choose Your Own Adventure” module focused on all the learning stuff be interesting? I am especially keen to do […]

Wide Brown Land: Australia Travels

Hey all – I’ve mentioned my Australia travels a few times in comments, etc. I thought it might be interesting to record some details about my travels and what’s happening in Australian/Asia Pacific libraries. This is an optional presentation – perhaps it might inspire some of you for the Director’s Brief. Watch the Panopto Lecture […]

Welcome to Module 12: Library as Classroom

Now we turn our attentions to the library as classroom. The library as creative classroom means we approach the learning opportunities we create with thought, user-directed planning, and insights from research. This classroom may include physical spaces for instruction and discovery as well as online, multiscale platforms aimed at social learning and participation.

Blogging Kudos 2!

Hey all – Just wanted to reiterate that your blogging is EXCELLENT! Such great writing, interesting examples and thoughtful reflection on the material — especially the mobile module. Kudos to all! The featured image is by a former student of our lovely campus in San Jose. She shared with me to share with my future #hyperlib […]