Share & Submit Your Symposium Post!

Hey all – to make it easy for folks to explore the symposium posts this week, please share your URL here. Post with a 140 character “tweet” abstract for your entry in the comments below. Or perhaps a haiku? 🙂 ALSO: Please submit the URL for your symposium post to Canvas when you are ready!

Notes on the Virtual Symposium

Greetings all! For our last few days of class, you will spend some time reflecting on all your work for the course. An artifact to represent that learning is what makes up the Virtual Symposium. Virtual Symposium To share your work for the semester, consider one or more of the following for the “virtual symposium” – […]

Welcome to Module 14: Creativity

Greetings all and welcome to the week where the tables turn! We devote an entire week to your own creative curiosity. The module is here. Action Items: Be sure to check your blog for pending comments. Dashboard –> Comments. You may see some that need approval. Did you submit your blog URL to Canvas? We are […]

Libraries Are For Everyone

Hi all – Just wanted to share this with you: Libraries Are For Everyone One of the bestest-best things that has happened as a result of having this blog is that I get to connect with librarians from all over the world. It’s just flat-out awesome. And sometimes those connections lead to a collaboration like what just recently […]

SOTES Open Soon

Greetings all. Here is official information from the university about SOTES. I appreciate your feedback and participation in SOTEs. Subject:     Spring 2017 SOTES (Student Opinion of Teaching Effectiveness)  will run from:     Wednesday May 3rd – Tuesday May 16th. The dates are set by the University not by the School of Information.     The link to […]

Class Social Hour Thoughts?

Hello all – I want to schedule one more informal social time at the end of the semester. What works best for you all? I want to get a sense of who could or would like to attend. Sometime during the week of May 8th – late afternoon or early evening PT? (I have a […]

Share Your Director’s Brief Here

Please share your Director’s Brief URL here for everyone to explore. I’m very excited to read them. I will be working on grading all week. Will give you an update when to see grades in Canvas. Because of the extension many of you took advantage of, we’ll see posts throughout the week. Be sure to […]

Director’s Brief Extensions

Hey all – if you are swamped with other classes or life, please email me. I am happy to offer a couple of extra days for the Brief.  That said, they can also be posted anytime if you are done early. Remember: This will be your most polished, detailed and well-presented work of the semester. 🙂


Hey all – hope you are having a good weekend. Been pondering emojis a bit more in light of some of your blogs. Here are my most used at this moment in time: It does say a lot about current events in one’s life! In other news that you could decode from above: Dozer had […]