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Hey all – I have heard from some of you that there’s just so much going on in personal life as well as in the world. (here too) I would like to propose we have FLUID DUE DATES for the rest of the semester. That means work on things as you can with out the pressure of what is due Sunday or next. BUT – everything must be in by the last day of class. I want you all to enjoy your explorations of the class resources and ideas …and enjoy working on the assignments in whatever creative fashion you would like.

Think of it as an extension on everything! Nothing will be counted late!

Watch for this on our weekly posts:

➡️➡️➡️ FLUID DUE DATES are in effect. Use assignment due dates as a guideline but take the time you need to do creative and enjoyable assignments. Note: everything must be in by the last day of class.

If you would rather stick to the dates on our schedule, that is just fine too.

Image: This store window in Edinburgh last year brought me joy.

18 thoughts on “Fluid Dates

  1. Sandy

    Thank you, @michael! I had one other class with fluid due dates in this program and it worked out really great for me! It alleviated so much stress and I felt the work I submitted was higher quality than it would have been with fixed dates.

  2. Heather Ferguson

    Thank you @michael! I thoroughly enjoy this class… I can say it is my favorite because it is not only encouraging change for me, it is showing how and the what. Additionally, I have the most challenging class for me this semester (online searching) too. Online searching is a class that is stretching me; it is my weakest area to teach students in the middle school, so it was something that I need to do. Hope all that makes sense. Regardless, thank you for your flexibility!

  3. Heather Ferguson

    Hi @michael,
    I am not sure where to ask this… there is SOOOOO much great information shared in the modules! Will we have access to this after the class is over? I am finding so many ideas and areas of improvement for me in my position through the modules, but I am not in the right headspace and currently feel overwhelmed with life. My fear is I’ll lose access and the opportunity to dive deeper into areas of greatness and changes this class has opened my eyes to.
    Sorry for going on and on… please let me know.
    Thank you!

    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      @hfergie and @maryann there is so much in this class. I totally understand your question. Yes, I will post directions on how to export all of your blog content. This site will be here going forward for future classes and what I do is clear out all of the students accounts, although you will not be able to login, you could still revisit the class and look at the modules, I’ve also had students export various module pages as PDFs to come back to the links at future times

      1. Heather Ferguson

        Thank you @michael!
        The resources will be phenomenal to dig deeper into when there is more time. As much as I appreciate my blog, this will be helpful for my ePortfolio…it is your resources that are super helpful and enlightening! Just having access to the modules will be really helpful!

  4. Mary Ann Palchikoff

    Hi @hfergie
    I hear you! So much great information but a bit overwhelming to try to digest it all when we’re in the middle of other stuff (life). I have been copying and pasting article links into a Word doc but not a very elegant way to do it. Plus all the other lectures, blog posts, comments, etc. I recall @michael saying he would tell/show us how to migrate our blogs to another WordPress site before the end of the course but I guess that would only be for our own material? Not sure how that will work as his is a hybrid but I trust he has a plan….

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