Fluid Dates

Hey all – I have heard from some of you that there’s just so much going on in personal life as well as in the world. (here too) I would like to propose we have FLUID DUE DATES for the rest of the semester. That means work on things as you can with out the pressure of what is due Sunday or next. BUT – everything must be in by the last day of class. I want you all to enjoy your explorations of the class resources and ideas …and enjoy working on the assignments in whatever creative fashion you would like.

Think of it as an extension on everything! Nothing will be counted late!

Watch for this on our weekly posts:

➡️➡️➡️ FLUID DUE DATES are in effect. Use assignment due dates as a guideline but take the time you need to do creative and enjoyable assignments. Note: everything must be in by the last day of class.

If you would rather stick to the dates on our schedule, that is just fine too.

Image: This store window in Edinburgh last year brought me joy.

25 thoughts on “Fluid Dates

  1. Emily Mizokami

    @michael Oh gosh, just went I got over being overwhelmed with COYA! Fluidity is not my strong suit, so I will probably stick with the OG due dates. But I appreciate this in case I need it!
    Someone who needs guidelines to stay on track 😉

  2. Laura Wecksler

    @Michael You rock even more!! Thank you so much for this leniency and understanding! I have definitely gone through a freak out at the beginning of the semester and had to talk myself down several times, so this is most appreciated. It’s also good to know and see for sure that I am not alone in this!
    Also love the picture–those colors! Your blog pix have inspired me to take more abstracts for my own posts (also don’t have to worry about permissions/credits!).

  3. Savannah Polizzi

    Thank you! Best news of the day! 🙂

    There are many power outages going on here in Northern California due to the weather. Luckily our house is unaffected so far – but the storm isn’t over! I’m sure there are some students affected by the outages.

  4. amyb

    @michael This post actually made me cry. Thank you so much! I’ve been struggling to keep up since my father’s recent terminal cancer diagnosis and now that we’re going through home hospice it is great to have the pressure of due dates removed. I’m spending real quality time with him and also truly enjoying this class as time to take a break and focus on things I enjoy. Thank you again!

  5. Mary Joy (MJ)

    @michael Thank you SO SO SO MUCH for this amendment. As I’m sure many of my classmates can attest, these have been an extremely stressful few months and getting more time to engage with the content is such a relief. I will also be sticking as closely as I can to the due dates, but it is so nice to know that I can take my time if I need to do more research or work on a project/assignment/reflection for a bit longer (and, knowing me, I get so carried away that I almost always do!).

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