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    I’m reading Casey and Savastinuk’s Library 2.0 and was wondering if libraries utilize internal blogs? Having never officially worked been on payroll for a public or academic library, are these utilized still? I like the idea of Top-down blogging (p. 81), so I was curious if admin still uses this idea or if this is an old practice?

    • I had just read that section when I saw your comment. I also have never heard of this being used in practice, but I could see it working really well for a smaller library. I’m curious if this is a common practice as well.

      • @vgutierrez @elizabetholson I believe some libraries do use internal blogs or similar CMS systems. I will make a note to ask Michael about this in our class chat. There may also be other systems these days (vendor and otherwise) that provide internal communication options. For a small library, I would suggest a blog for sure.