Next week: “Keep Calm & Reflect” Week

Hey all – I’ve decided next week is “Keep Calm & Reflect” week. Work on your Briefs and your Symposium entry and take time for yourselves to reflect on our class themes and our strange new landscape. There is still so much happening.

Personal note: I will be out on Monday afternoon for a routine medical thing. Please email me if anything comes up.


6 thoughts on “Next week: “Keep Calm & Reflect” Week

  1. Angela Lee

    @michael I like the idea for this week, and I will take it to heart. I’m almost done with my Director’s Brief and am already feeling relieved that I’m not going to be as behind as I have been. (Not having to wake up early to help with check-in students coming on site for hybrid learning this week will help a lot.)

    May your routine medical thing go well

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