Dokk1 Library Overnight Readathon

From Marie Østergård on Facebook:

54 kids, 9-12 year old and 4 adults on a 14 hour all night Readathon at Dokk1.
They rocked the place!
We didn’t get any sleep but got to see the library taken over by intense playing, reading, joking, running and much more. Who knew Dokk1 had so many places to camp out?! A great reminder of what libraries and kids can do together.

Update: it was our reading ambassadors who decided they wished to try it and asked if we could do it. Our reading ambassadors are a group of 9-14 year olds who come together and discuss reading and literature and who share their joy of reading with their school mates and their friends. They were heavily involved in the planning of the Readathon and took great responsibility!

(This is now in the lectures but I wanted to share Marie’s words!)

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