Dokk1 Library Overnight Readathon

From Marie Østergård on Facebook:

54 kids, 9-12 year old and 4 adults on a 14 hour all night Readathon at Dokk1.
They rocked the place!
We didn’t get any sleep but got to see the library taken over by intense playing, reading, joking, running and much more. Who knew Dokk1 had so many places to camp out?! A great reminder of what libraries and kids can do together.
Update: it was our reading ambassadors who decided they wished to try it and asked if we could do it. Our reading ambassadors are a group of 9-14 year olds who come together and discuss reading and literature and who share their joy of reading with their school mates and their friends. They were heavily involved in the planning of the Readathon and took great responsibility!

12 thoughts on “Dokk1 Library Overnight Readathon

  1. Tiffany

    @michael That would be a fun event to work in!! If I was a staff member, I would be willing to sacrifice a night of sleep to have a experience like that!! I would just have a cup of extra coffee or two and experience what a patron read a thon over at a library would be like!! That is also a great responsibility as well as an honor that people would feel safe enough to sleep at a library. I see in the photo people sleeping. That speaks very highly of the library!! It would be an interesting perspective being a library employee.

  2. Tiffany

    @michael that is so amazing!! I know at the library I work at, an event like that would be a worry about liability for the city. Also many of the patrons I think would be uncomfortable and worried about sleeping publicly in the library. But I admire the library for what they are doing!!

    1. Dario Rios

      Tiffany, you said what was on my mind. I can see this functioning in a small town or smaller suburban area. I, as an adult, would love to sleepover at the Los Angeles Central Library. Especially with my kids. But yes, liability and the uneasiness of big city living. I am not opposed to the alternative. Booking a room at The Standard right on the opposite corner of the block. Or the Biltmore, right across the street. Either scenario would provide a fun night of books and elixirs.

  3. Layo

    @michael Thanks for sharing this! Actually, the Monterey Bay Aquarium has hosted overnights of this sort for many years (on pause during the pandemic) so it may depend on the exact location and structure of the power of things. I totally love seeing this. I found a library in Wales where adults get to do this same thing, sleep at the library, only they have proper bedrooms!
    Yes, a campout. What I love most of all is that the young people did the planning AND the management of the program. It’s amazing how well kids will behave other kids of similar age. And what a feeling of ownership. I wish we could have a longitudinal study to see if any of these instigator participant kids grow up to be librarians!

    1. Dario Rios

      Layo, thanks for sharing this info. I’m in Pasadena, but I have no problem visiting MB. We love it up there. And it would be fun to visit and spend the night at the aquarium. I wonder if the Long Beach Aquarium host a similar event? I will look into them too, since they are near.

    2. Anja Williams

      Woah!! I want to spend the night in a Welsh library! While reading this post, I was thinking how much I would have loved going to an event like this as a kid, and that sounds like the perfect modern day solution plus an excuse to live my Howl’s Moving Castle fantasies and go to Wales. My Girl Scout trip spent the night at the mall once, but I would have much preferred a Readathon haha.

      It definitely agree with you that it helps programs run smoothly when young people manage other young people and help create the programs. It works well because they create their own user-designed program. Additionally, if they help make the rules and talk about them they are more likely to follow them.

  4. Dario Rios

    Pre-pandemic, I would take my kids to the central library in Pasadena, when it rained. Since they couldn’t be outside, there they could walk around, exploring the activities and books, and be a little loud in the large kids wing of the library. Then, go up to the third floor and we would zig-zag power-walking the stacks. It was a fun activity for a rainy day. It was a great way to lose energy and not feel claustrophobic or bored at home. And it was fun. I can only imagine how fun a sleep over in the library would be.

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