11 thoughts on “Course Social Chat Recording

  1. Matilda

    Thank you for posting this. Very informative! I look forward to the 18th.

    Also, @michael I see your framed Rumors album cover in the background. I’m wondering if you read the book Daisy Jones & the Six? It is supposedly loosely inspired by Fleetwood Mac, among other things. I listened to it as an audiobook, which was a fabulous way to consume it.

  2. Laura Wecksler

    Hello, @Michael,

    I just finished watching the recording. Thank you for posting. It was great to get more insight into the pulse and vibe of the class. Are these chats compulsory to attend? Unfortunately, I’ll be at Universal Studios with kiddos for the next one.

      1. Laura Wecksler

        @Michael Haha, excellent. Thank you! I did enjoy seeing you and a couple of our classmates “IRL.” Plus, I was watching your o.g. Hyperlinked lecture and you asked what it might look like 5 years from then, which would be now! Interesting to compare…

        At Universal Studios, I want to check out: Minion Mayhem, Harry Potter World, Simpsons Land of course, and Super Mario Land. : )

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