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    The “Holding Us Back” piece in Mod. 7 mentions “Technology Petting Zoo.” Very intriguing! Am I correct in assuming it offers hands-on experience with new technology, like puttering with gadgets? How does it work, what does it include, what kind of feedback has it generated, how is it financed (tech can be pricey)?

    • @leahstrauss Yup – it’s puttering and playing with various gadgets. Many libraries rolled out any and all tech they might circulating. Others brought in businesses like Best Buy or local electronics places to provide hands on with things the library could not afford.

      • Thanks! In general, is library staff on hand to observe, have conversations with users and record feedback? Or maybe non-intrusive cameras – with placards stating participation gives consent for being filmed. Do you know if after-playtime surveys are done? Seems it would generate a very useful set of data points (for justifying purchase, implementing some tech solutions).