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    Eyes bleary… Taking a break from my planning assignment. How are you all doing?

    • I’ve been feeling the midterm school grind pretty hard right now! It feels like there are a million things coming due across various classes this week…! How is your planning assignment going, @roseholck ?

      • @sarahnoel721 Just finished the first draft. So fortunate and happy that both professors for my classes this semester are flexible. There are always a million things on top of another million things. Some days it’s a lot. Some days I just need to tell myself to just keep moving forward and everything will be okay. It is comforting to know we are in the same boat. How’s your assignment going?

        • Sadly, I’ve barely gotten started on it.. I’ve been prioritizing the storm of other classes temporarily, but am planning to knock it out this next week as I catch back up on 287. Congrats to you in getting your first draft done! I agree that continuing to move forward (and being kind to ourselves if the progression is slower than we may like) is enough 🙂