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    Hi All,
    Thought I’d share this bit of news about the UK introducing Nintendo games into schools to help kids with tech skills. I think that this type of “hyperlinking” can be introduced into libraries as well.

    • @mdabney That is an excellent example – and a brilliant way to help kids get skills. I totally agree about libraries. If you look up library gamification, you may find some interesting stuff. 🙂

    • That’s wonderful news to me! I would love to see more gamification in the future. It sounds like a lot of fun. A library I worked at is now adding Nintendo Switch consoles so kids have something to play on.

      • That’s great! Our library recently got Switches as well, based on popular request! 🙂

        • That’s awesome! As someone who owns one, I definitely appreciate that libraries are helping the patrons out by purchasing them! They’re not cheap so this is a great way to give them open access to something fun.