Welcome to Module 5: Hyperlinked Communities

Greetings all! I am thrilled to read your Assignment Xs! Please turn the assignment in by the 21st if you haven’t already.

Here is this week’s module.  We will examine how we can engage hyperlinked communities of all kinds.

Action Items:

  • Be sure to check your blog for pending comments. Dashboard –> Comments. You may see some that need approval.
  • Feel free to experiment with your blog theme. From your dashboard, go to Appearance > Theme and try another one.
  • Note: always log in to the site before commenting, posting an update, etc. That insures all the functionality of the site is available to you and that your interactions will show up in your activity feed.
  • Your reflection blogging begins soon with a post on Hyperlinked Communities. Review the assignment video section on blogging for details.

After establishing a blog through our site, you will be using this electronic publishing medium to share your thoughts and ideas on participatory service as you progress through the course. Reflection blogging will allow you to explore course modules and apply your own critical take on the topics. After reading and exploring a module, write a blog post about the experience and how you believe the issue/topic impacts library service. What might change? What could we do differently? Where do the readings/videos/sites take you in your thinking about library or information work? Feel free to reflect on the module as a whole, a selected article that resonated, or anything that sparked your thinking about the module topic.

Upcoming #hyperlib Chats:

There are no mandatory sessions but students are encouraged to attend if schedules allow. Sessions will be recorded.

Reflection Blogging Due Dates

*Wild Card Blog Choice: revisit any past module or choose your own related topic!

Major Assignment Due Dates: 

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