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    Okay, I admit that I love the show, The Middle on ABC. I love the actors, I love the scripts, I love the comedic delivery. Some bias on my part is that it is written, produced, and directed by a friend from high school. We grew up in Deerfield, Illinois, but the setting of the show is Indiana. She and her cohort were students of Purdue U. Still, she plugs certain places that are distinctly Deerfield including the only Chinese food restaurant in our little town. She changes the name slightly, but it is a definite reference. She and her partner got their start by submitting scripts to televisions shows in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I was a huge fan of Murphy Brown. I found out by happenstance that my old friend wrote one of my all favorite MB episodes. It was the one where she appears on the children’s television show that is an obvious parody of Sesame Street. “Sometimes People are Mean.”

    • @selatham Can I tell you how much I heart The Middle. This week’s was a hoot: Frankie and Mike bickering! We have been watching since season one. The Middle helps fill the Cougar Town sized hole in my viewing life, as does Real O’Neals. I grew up in Indiana so I appreciate the little details: Frugal Hoosier, etc.

    • I loved Murphy Brown too. Once I had a job with a clerical assistant, and had 3 different people in the position in ten months. They all had such oversized issues, I felt like I was living the Murphy Brown Show in my life. Thanks for the memory!