F. Lane

Required Information


F. Lane

Professional Information

Employer Name

Dorcas Library, Prospect Harbor, Maine

Job Title

Library Director

Job Description

Title:                 Library Director 
Type:                 Professional, Part-Time [20 hours per week] 
Library:             Public, Non-Profit, Non-Municipal 
Reports To:      Board of Trustees 
Library Mission, Vision, and Future Development
·        Plans and/or oversees outreach programs to various groups in the community, including elementary school age children, young adults, adult new readers, senior citizens, etc. 
·        Fosters community programs with the help of library staff members, such as children’s story hours, discussion groups, lectures, etc., providing time, meeting space and funding as available. 
·        Plans and/or oversees changes in the services provided by the library, developing new services or eliminating outdated services.  
·        Oversees the selection of books, periodicals, audio-visuals, CD-ROM products, software etc., delegating this to other employees or volunteers when practical.
·        Evaluates and de-selects (weeding) library materials, delegating this to other employees or volunteers when practical.
·        Conducts public relations and advocacy of behalf of the library with the help of staff. This effort includes newspaper articles, speeches, thank you notes, brochures, participation in a local service club, etc. 
·        Fosters interlibrary cooperation and coordination on the local, regional and state level by active participation in activities when possible. 
·        Maintains library website, delegating this to other employees or volunteers when practical.
General Library Administration & Management 
·        Serves regular duty each week answering the inquiries of patrons using the library’s own resources or outside sources. 
·        Performs an active role as a communication link between the Library Board and the staff, as well as the general public, and library patrons. 
·        Supervises employees and volunteers. This includes scheduling, day-to-day supervision, staff selection, evaluation, promotion, termination, etc. 
·        Attends monthly Library Board meetings and makes various reports to that body. 
·        Keeps statistical records of the library (circulation, patron counts, use of services, additions and withdrawals of materials, etc.), delegating this to other employees or volunteers when practical.
·        Prepares an annual report to the Maine State Library, and as part of the budget, to the Finance Committee and the Town Council. 
·        Prepares an annual report for inclusion in the Town Annual Report.
·        Prepares annual budget and assists the Library Board in presenting the budget to the Town Council, the Finance Committee, and the Town Meeting. 
·        Administers the budget once it is approved. 
·        Submits bills for payment to the Treasurer and/or bookkeeper.  
·        Prepares, assists in or oversees the preparation of grants for the benefit of the library. 
·        Oversees that the library property is maintained and suggests improvements to the Library Board. 
·        Helps Library Board make sure library policies relating to personnel are up-to-date, submitting changes and revisions to the Board annually or when required. This includes personnel policies, job descriptions, evaluation forms, etc., delegating this to other employees or volunteers when practical.
·        Prepares and / or oversees the preparation of library policies relating to the circulation of materials, non-discrimination, book selection, new technologies, drug- free workplace, etc. and submits these to the Board when necessary for approval, delegating this to other employees or volunteers when practical.
·        Monitors the library’s compliance with laws and regulations. 
·        Answers library correspondence or delegates same. 
·        Attends educational sessions, workshops and conferences, if staffing patterns, financing and work load permits.
 Desired Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: 
·        A ‘can do’ leadership philosophy that is both cooperative and inclusive 
·        Understanding and application of the American Library Association’s Statement of Core Competencies and Maine Library Association’s Public Library Standards, with particular reference to the Management competencies and standards demonstrated by earning an MLS or MLIS degree; [or] by five years previous experience as a supervisory librarian. 
·       Experience creating, presenting and defending, and implementing an approved budget 
·        Ability to establish new programming that is innovative, creative and responsive to the needs of the community 
·       Strong written and verbal communication skills 
·       Knowledge of fundraising techniques, including grant sources  
·       Minimum two years’ experience in a supervisory position
·       Documented success in collaborative endeavors with community stakeholders 
·       Establishment of a warm, friendly atmosphere that welcomes diversity in all ways 
·       Sense of humor combined with customer service attitude and skills 
Desired Computer Competencies: 
·        Fluency in using internet search engines and online databases 
·        Windows [multiple versions including XP, 7, 8.1, and 10] 
·        Microsoft Office [Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Picture Manager, Outlook] 
·        Website design in HTML using WordPress or other similar platforms 
·        Ability to use and direct others in the use of cloud-based collaborative softwares
·        Graphic design using a variety of template-driven software packages 
·        Project Management software 
·        Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) 
·        Ability to teach applications to staff, volunteers, and patrons as needed 

Scholarly and Professional Interests

(STEAM); (Multigenerational Learning); (Genealogy); (Learning Commons); (Maker Spaces); (Genius Hour)


Favorite Activities

Time with my spouse. Chats with my kids.



Writing poetry.

Goofing around with art media.

Favorite TV Shows

The Detectorists.


Favorite Movies

Too many to list.

Favorite Music



Classic Rock (1965-1975)

Favorite Books

Lord of the Rings

The Crystal Cave; and, The Hollow Hills

The Once & Future King

Ocean at the End of the Lane

All the Light We Cannot See

Harry Potter



Learning Experiences and Goals

Most Memorable Learning Experience

Learning is central to my life; I enjoy nothing better than taking a completely unnecessary webinar or listening to podcasts or watching documentaries. I am endlessly curious about the universe and all of our neighbors on this planet. Here is a short list of many experiences.

2015 Maine State Library Basic Library Certification Training
2014 Monterey Peninsula College, Genealogy Studies and American History
2009-2013 Hospitality Management Training: Star Service Trainer, Housekeeping Trainer, Safety Awareness Trainer
2009 Diagnosed as an adult with ADHD and PTSD. A liberating learning experience.
2006 U.S. Army Family Readiness Group Coordinator Training, Orlando, Florida
2002 Assistant Scoutmaster Training, Boy Scouts of America, North Carolina
1994-2006 We homeschooled together. Our family took every opportunity to learn and teach one another, as we prepared our children for entering adulthood. Learning in our family is akin to breathing! We never stop.
1995 Teacher, Theater Workshops and Audition Preparation; High School Drama/Debate Coach
1993 Masters Classes, Teaching Drama, University of Montana, Missoula, Montana (no degree)
1992 BFA, Theater, University of Montana, Missoula, Montana
1979 – 1988 Cold Hard Fish of Reality School of Face Slapping and Other Surprises
1979 Graduate, Pinkerton Academy, Derry, New Hampshire


Online Learning

December 2018  Anticipated completion of the MLIS program at SJSU

FOCUS:  Public Librarianship, Youth Services, Children’s Services, Library Management, Emerging Technologies


Learning Goals

A. Successfully balance school, work, life, and political activism for two more semesters.

B. Continue to synthesize LIS practices and information which can be scaled to meet the needs of my community.

C. Continue to find applicable ways to weave community service with librarianship and social justice education.

D. Co-create a dynamic community learning and information center [physical and virtual] for our region.

E. Throw in Genealogy Certification; TESL and American Sign Language; Permaculture Gardening; Bee-Keeping; Needlecraft and Weaving; Painting Technique; Ukelele 101; and whatever else inspires my heart and soul to thrive and grow.