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    Read this article today about the different types of “things” libraries loan. It’s a great list! The first paragraph is an awesome statement about the evolution of libraries.

    • @dvlema Wowza – this is good. I LOLed at the bit about air mattresses and then it made total sense.

      And THIS:

      “At this point, you might be saying, “Oh, come on, my tiny library will never have any of these things!” Well, think again. Some of the smallest or most rural public libraries have the coolest options and programs. For example, Perry County Public Library, located in the infamous Hazard County (Kentucky), has an annual comic con, state-of-the-art resources, Lego programs, and a makerspace. Public libraries are only as good as you, the public, make them.”

    • Love this article! I’ve heard about the prom dresses before, such a neat idea. I recently wrote a blog post for our library on checking out items that aren’t books. It was much tamer though 😉