Dokk1 Library Overnight Readathon

From Marie Østergård on Facebook: 54 kids, 9-12 year old and 4 adults on a 14 hour all night Readathon at Dokk1. They rocked the place! We didn’t get any sleep but got to see the library taken over by intense playing, reading, joking, running and much more. Who knew Dokk1 had so many places to […]

Blogging! Stories!

Hey all! I have been reading all your reflection blogging this weekend. Well done! I am knocked out by the high quality of your writing and media enhancements. And many of you focused on the Power of Stories in so many different and personal ways. My ❤️ is full. I so appreciate all the humanist […]

Daytripping to Chicagoland

Hey all – I want to check in and see how everyone is doing. Also, I want to let you know I feel a bit behind this week because of some issues with my back. I am in PT a couple times a week and have gotten serious about yoga and stretching. 🙆🧘 Tomorrow I […]

Digital Life Librarian Job Description

Here is a job description from CityLibraries Townsville in Queensland, Australia from 2019. My colleague Warren Cheetham is Coordinator, Planning and Business Development there. I visited Warren while in Australia in 2018. Take look at this bit and then grab the PDF to see the full job. Note the nuances of Australian library work. Townsville.Position Information_Digital […]