Class Social Hour Thoughts?

Hello all – I want to schedule one more informal social time at the end of the semester. What works best for you all? I want to get a sense of who could or would like to attend.

I am thinking Saturday the 7th or Sunday the 8th in the afternoon PT? How would that work? I could also do two 30 minute or so sessions each day.

8 thoughts on “Class Social Hour Thoughts?

  1. Liz Olson

    I can make Sunday the 8th!

    Also, this morning I came across an article about a new program that the Seattle Public Library is piloting in conjunction with the King County Correctional Facility. This program allows parents who are incarcerated to record videos of themselves reading children’s stories which they can then send to their kids! It sounds like such an amazing program and the article is highly worth the read:

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