Class Social Hour Thoughts?

Hello all – I want to schedule one more informal social time at the end of the semester. What works best for you all? I want to get a sense of who could or would like to attend.

I am thinking Saturday the 14th or Sunday the 15th at Noon PT? How would that work? I could do two 30 minute or so sessions each day.

9 thoughts on “Class Social Hour Thoughts?

  1. Tiffany

    @michael Those times would work for me. I don’t have to work either of those days so I could freely attend. Possibly for anyone who is time crunched (that is everyone at the end of the semester) maybe a 30 minute session on each day might work best.


  2. Layo

    Hi Michael and all,

    I love your idea!
    I can make it only on Sunday 15th and around midday Pacific is fine, with other times also possible.

    Thanks for thinking of this. I’m eager to hear what everyone has gotten excited with emerging tech and heartfelt hyperlinked librarianship this term.

  3. Kristen Snyder

    Either of those should work for me (assuming my body doesn’t try to shift its sleep pattern AGAIN), and it does seem like it would be nice to end with some social time. 🙂

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