Action Items: Getting Started with #hyperlib

I’ve set aside a few days for you to get comfortable with the site and do the major reading of the course up front. In previous versions of the course, we found this to be useful for students to have read the text and other materials and then apply what they’ve learned to the the various modules. You will see “Action Items” included in my weekly postings – watch for them, they will keep you on track in our course.

Action Items (over the next few days):

Foundational Readings:

Some of these go way back but serve as foundational pieces  – #hyperlib students read these during the few days of class. The Library 2.0 eBook has been made available through the generosity of Information Today and the authors, Michael Casey and Laura Savastinuk.

You will also be reading my 2016 and 2019 books published by the American Library Association throughout the semester. Happy to provide you with the PDF versions, please see below 🙂

Creating your Account:

You can create your account by following these easy steps. Note: many of you may have a blog you created in INFO 203. For #hyperlib, I request that everyone get a blog here so all the functions of WordPress and Buddypress work together (activity stream, etc). You can export your 287 blog at the end of the course. I post directions later on.

  1. Fill in your name, username, e-mail, and create a strong password. You are free to use a pseudonym, but please tell me who you are!
  2. Note: the username you select becomes your @username similar to Twitter. This will be your screen name for the semester. Use your first name, a nickname, or whatever you’d like to represent yourself in the course.
  3. Create a blog. Be sure to check the box for the search engines to index the site. It’s the only way your blog will show up in our activity streams.
  4. Enter in the registration code. Use the code I shared on our course Canvas site.
  5. Customize your blog! Change themes, add images, etc.
  6. Important!: Share your blog URL as a comment in the OPML course blog post HERE!

Write an Introductory Post:

Once your account is all set up, take some time to write an introductory post including why you chose this course, what you’re excited about for this semester, your area of interest in the LIS world, and–if you want–a picture of yourself, family, pets, favorite place, etc.  You can also make the introduction a media-based one if you’d like.  Be as creative as you want!

Post your introduction by the due date. 

Quick Blog Tips:

Also do not hesitate to email questions or comments!

Best to all for a great semester-


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