Important: Creating an OPML File for Your Blogs

Greetings all – We will create an OPML* file for our course blogs so you can add them easily to Feedly or some other RSS/feed reader.

Please share your blog URL as a comment below. Note: This is probably your first comment on the site so it will have to be approved by me. After that, all comments on our course blog you leave will automatically be published. The same goes for comments on your blog – you will need to approve comments to start.

The URL should be for the top level of your blog, not an individual post.


39 thoughts on “Important: Creating an OPML File for Your Blogs

    1. Mary Ann Palchikoff

      Hi Geanna – great to be in class with you again! I love how you have created tabs for all the upcoming assignments – that’s the organized Geanna I know! You also articulate your reasons for taking the class well, and I especially agree with you that we need to understand how information gateways have evolved and will continue to do so.
      Enjoy the class!

  1. Mary Ann Palchikoff

    Hello Dr. Stephens,

    Thanks for the response. Yes, I typed “introduction” for my blog title when I realize now that would have been better for the title of an individual post, not my whole blog! I googled how to change it but haven’t been successful so any pointers would be appreciated.

    Mary Ann

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