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I had a great question come in about references/citations from @neckroth

For this class, please use any citation style you like or simply share the link. Just give me a good way to find the article or page or whatever you are citing.  This can be in the text of your posts and assignments or in a list of references. For the Director’s Brief, please be a bit more formal and include a references section in the consistent style of your choice.

For my personal thoughts on this, take a look at “Citation Fixation” in The Heart of Librarianship.🙂

5 thoughts on “Citation Fixation

    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      @diana It’s such a stressful thing to expect students to know where very period etc goes in a citation. Hopefully, these things will evolve. That said, in 200, we have to use standard citation method to satisfy the graduate writing requirement. But for us in #hyperlib, I’m fine with links etc.

  1. Karen Thompson

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I think we need to send this to every instructor in education. I love the philosophy from Michelle Simmons, “give enough information that I will be able to find the source if I want to. Then let it go.” Isn’t that the purpose of having a citation? I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent on citations over the past two years. This is my last semester of my Master’s program and way back at the beginning we had to practice using the APA format for citations. Since then I started using the “citation machine”. I have to admit I felt guilty at the beginning because I wasn’t doing it myself, but nothing was said and all research papers passed with flying colors. It was a huge time saver for sure. I love the ideas of keeping it simple…use hyperlinks and ISBN.
    Great personal thoughts, Michael!

  2. Lisa Semenza

    I absolutely agree. I have lost points a few times just for having something out of alignment or mixing up punctuation for APA format. All the correct information was there otherwise. I have found that I have to really check on citations that have been generated from the database because often they have errors. Use of hyperlinks or ISBN sound so much more relevant for being able to find the document/book being cited.

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