Oodi in Helsinki

Hey all – a colleague in LIS George Needham has been in Helsinki and paid a visit to the central library Oodi (I believe it is pronounced “ode”) Here are some of his pictures. This library might be a choice for your globally themed inspiration report!

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  1. Sydney Clark

    @michael Thank you for sharing these photos – they are so inspiring! I searched for more information on the game room, as my library has been paralyzed by what to do with the pile of games we have (put them out for people to play in the library? loan them out? what container to put them in? how to catalog/barcode? no one wants to count the pieces!). This article gave a nice overview of the project – love the focus on community:
    “Oodi was designed together with the city’s residents, corresponding to the wishes and needs of its future users. That collaborative planning began as early as 2010. Over 2300 different ideas were collected from various urban events and campaigns. The key idea was that librarians, together with library users, planned the services of the new library.”

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