Oodi in Helsinki

Hey all – a colleague in LIS George Needham was in Helsinki and paid a visit to the central library Oodi (I believe it is pronounced “ode”) Here are some of his pictures. This library might be a choice for a globally themed inspiration report!

4 thoughts on “Oodi in Helsinki

  1. Sandy

    Thanks for sharing his photos! I was just reading about the Oodi and mentioned it in my Hyperlinked Environments reflections post. I really like the way the Oodi’s layout reflects the roles of the library — third floor = traditional library with books, second floor = creativity with music rooms and a makerspace, first floor = interactions with a café and cinema. It’s so inspiring!

  2. Emma

    I also love the board game collection! There’s a similar wall at a board game cafe/RPG cafe near where I live. They also have a lot of space for people to rent a table and play D&D or similar tabletop RPGs, so they have another wall full of miniature terrain pieces people can use in their games. They have contests in the community for people to paint minis and the winning entries end up in this wall to be used by a lot of people. That seems like something that could be a fun community program to go with the board games (though you’d need a good amount of storage space). I tried to find a picture of it on their social media and couldn’t, but in the process I stumbled across a post about them collaborating with local high school libraries to loan them board games, so that’s even better!

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