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“Inclusion leads to a change in communication and attitude towards our patrons. If we emphasize inclusion, everyone that walks into the library receives the same high-level of care and a positive attitude from library employees. No matter if it’s a patron’s worst day or their best day, they can come to the library and expect to be treated with care and a positive attitude. That consistency in treatment is one way I see inclusion day-to-day.”

– Mark Reeves, Public Services Specialist, Cedar Rapids Public Library

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  1. Emily Mizokami

    I love this as well. The idea of “consistency in treatment” is lovely, however I have worked in customer service in retail for almost thirty years and where I work we have the same mantra. However, sometimes it can be very challenging. I really do appreciate all of these positive messages about service and I am totally behind this way of thinking. But I guess what I would like addressed is how to handle difficult situations with patrons and challenges with staying consistent when things don’t go quite as planned.
    Debbie Downer

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