Happy Labor Day

Hey all – Our new module will go up on Monday as usual but please also enjoy the last holiday of the summer if you can. It’s always good to take a breath and recharge.  

“And summer became the fall…” goes the song.

I am going to be at a lake place for a couple of days but will be connected – if you need anything pressing over the holiday weekend, do not hesitate to email me at mstephens7@mac.com.

I enjoyed reading all of your blog posts and learning about you. So nice to see pics of pets, family and more.

I will harken back to summer one more time and share a favorite pic I took as the featured image – July 5th at Grand Traverse Bay. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day

  1. Laura

    I’m so jealous that you’re out on the bay! I have memories of being up there (Petosky stone hunting and eating Moomers) as a child/adult and often see pictures that my cousins post as they live up there. If I were to ever move back to MI, that is the one place I’d consider going–though it’s not likely that I’m going to leave my little town in western Colorado anytime soon. Hope you had an enjoyable weekend! It’s hot and smoky over here but it’s supposed to rain/snow on Tuesday! Crazy whiplash weather!

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