Welcome to Module 5: Hyperlinked Communities

Greetings all! Thanks for all of the context book reports. I will be grading them this week. Grades will be in Canvas by next weekend. NOTE: Be sure to submit your URL to Canvas too for grading if you haven’t!!

Here is this week’s module.

Action Items:

  • Be sure to check your blog for pending comments. Dashboard –> Comments. You may see some that need approval.
  • I am thrilled with your blogging and interaction – please keep it up!
  • If you haven’t added a profile pic or avatar, please do so by editing your Profile under the top right hand menu on our site. Remember: you can use any image to represent yourself in class.
  • Note: be sure to log in to the site before commenting, posting an update, etc. That insures all the functionality of the site is available to you and that your interactions will show up in your activity feed.

Deliverables this Week:

Upcoming #hyperlib Chats:

  • TODAY, February 20 – Michael Casey, author of one of our foundational texts and Director of Customer Experience for the Gwinnett County Public Library in metropolitan Atlanta, will join us at 4pm PT. We’ll talk a bit about his libraries and answer any questions you have, etc.
  • NEW: Assignment Q & A Session for Planning, Director’s brief & Symposium, March 5 at 1pm PT.
  • March 20 –  Stacie Ledden joins us at 4pm PT. Stacie is Director of Innovations and Brand Strategy at Anythink Libraries.
Upcoming Major Assignment Due Dates:


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