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This is our “Digital Pedagogy” professor again. What I think is interesting for our class: if you were in charge of a digital creation space of some kind, you might be purchasing similar equipment. Might be worth the 8 minutes to see what he has procured with his grant. This might be inspiring for the Roadmap or Inspiration Report.

4 thoughts on “Gear Haul Video

  1. Matt Carney

    Thanks for sharing this video, it was really fun to watch especially with the infectious excitement of Professor Hale. That said, and no surprise coming from an Information perspective, I do wish he’d had gone a little deeper into just how he chose which items to purchase or additional resources for people who might be trying to create something similar but with less preexisting knowledge than he seems to already have (though maybe there are other videos for that).

    I also appreciated how he makes a point to include video game streaming as one of the options the students wished to explore. A lot of the examples in this class have felt…obvious isn’t the right word, but clearly established methods of hyperlinking if that makes sense? Like of course, looking from a 2022 lens, a library should work to have more digital engagement or a social media presence. So it was nice to feel pushed a bit by the streaming, that initial feeling of “wait what now?” and then realizing how much more sense it made after sitting with it a little longer.

    Thanks again for sharing, looking forward to taking a look at some of his other videos.

    1. Librarian Brie

      I also liked seeing Professor Hale’s excitement. In my experience though, hauls usually only include a short description of what the product is and why it was purchased. Review videos tend to get more in depth about how well the product works, if it’s worth the money, if it’s easy or difficult to use, etc.

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