e-Portfolio Congrats!

I know some of you may be finishing up your e-portfolios very soon. I am grading comps now for my group of e-portfolio students. So nice to see work from #hyperlib as evidence.

Just want to give any of you who are finishing this big task a hearty  CONGRATS! It’s a HUGE DEAL!

If you are on the way to finishing, let us know in the comments if you’d like. Also, you may have some words of wisdom for those who will do it next. Please share.

Image: My tenure dossier, 2016

16 thoughts on “e-Portfolio Congrats!

  1. Kristi Bryant

    Thank you very much for your kind words of congratulations to those of us who have finished our e-portfolios! Also, for your lenience about assignment deadlines this semester. I’m finished with my e-portfolio, and it was approved so now my last weeks here at SJSU will be spent learning all I can from your instruction and catching up on assignments and blog posts! Very grateful for your support and congratulations on submitting your dossier! Best wishes as you pursue tenure~Well deserved in my humble opinion!

    ~ Kristi Bryant

  2. Sydney Burke

    THANK YOU!!! I am still waiting for the final pass, but am soo happy that I finished it. I actually feel more competent and confident after creating the ePortfolio.

    I got overwhelmed so many times and almost thought that I couldn’t do it… What got me through it was lots of post-it note affirmations and to-do lists. I took lots of mental and physical breaks of playing with my puppies, sipping tea outside, or drawing smiley faces everywhere!

    My mantra this past semester has been “set achievable goals”. Somedays you are super productive, and other days you just simply cannot, and that is totally ok! If you also have a hard time with impulse control, delete your social media apps. 🙂

    1. Kristi Bryant

      Awesome post, Sydney! I completely understand the sentiments that you expressed about the overwhelm of doing an e-portfolio and the fear that it wasn’t achievable. I felt the same things and honestly thought after all the work I’ve put in that the e-portfolio might be my undoing! It is a testament to your determination that you completed it!!! Congratulations!!!!

      I love the affirmations, play, and breaks too. Great self-care!

      Take care and best of luck,


  3. Evelyn Ransom Kessler

    It’s difficult to articulate the feeling of having my portfolio approved. The process was frustrating, challenging, and so rewarding. I appreciate my advisor for pushing me to do my best. Now I face the next challenge – finding a librarian job. When I began this program, I was working part-time in a public library and had my course all set. Now, I’m working full time in a (really boring) non-library job and can’t justify leaving until I find something with at least comparable pay. There are not a lot of openings in my area, but I’ll keep at it. This life never ceases to be interesting:)

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