e-Portfolio Congrats!

I know some of you may be finishing up your e-portfolios very soon. I am grading comps now for my group of e-portfolio students. So nice to see work from #hyperlib as evidence.

Just want to give any of you who are finishing this big task a hearty  CONGRATS! It’s a HUGE DEAL!

If you are on the way to finishing, let us know in the comments if you’d like. Also, you may have some words of wisdom for those who will do it next. Please share.

Image: My tenure dossier, 2016

4 thoughts on “e-Portfolio Congrats!

  1. deanau

    Hello! Thank you @michael for this congrats. I was informed I passed completing my ePortfolio. I’m so thankful, excited, relieved and I extremely proud of the hard work and effort I devoted to my ePortfolio. SO much information from our course proved to be relevant for various Comps and I was able to reference class readings to add to my theoretical understanding of librarianship. I also included a blog post as evidence for Comp O through discussing the international librarianship module.
    Now, I am enjoying being able to soaking up as much as a I can in these last few weeks. It’s been an incredible journey and one that wouldn’t have been the same without the hyperlinked library and Professor Stephens.
    If anyone has any questions I’m open to chat anytime!

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